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Are your children at risk from products in your home?


Published: 06/26/2012

by Evelyn

Some older products have caused deaths and have been taken off the market, but they're still found at garage sales or are passed from family to family. Other products are used incorrectly, putting children at risk for injury. Parents and caregivers should check:

Baby walkers with wheels: Don't use these. Children have suffered head injuries from falling down stairs in walkers.

Baby bath seats with suction cups: Babies left alone in bath seats have drowned; some have almost drowned even when parents were in the bathroom. The suction cups don't always stick properly, and babies may fall over.

Playpens: Millions of playpens have been recalled for safety reasons in the past decade. Check for recalls, even if it's a recent model.

Baby gates at the top of stairs: Make sure that gates are fastened to the wall with screws. Don't use pressure gates; they can give way if children lean on them.

For more information on these products and others such as bunk beds and car seats, visit or call 1-888-723-3847. (NC)

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