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Avoid feeding your cat these 5 foods


Published: 09/04/2015

by David Ferrer

Cats are curious by nature and may poke around the trash and accidentally ingest something they shouldn't. If you suspect your pet may be in distress, be sure to contact your vet immediately.

Some human foods can pose hazards for cats because of their unique metabolism and digestive system. These foods may even cause severe illness or death. Resisting the urge to feed cats table scraps can be challenging, but Pure Balance, a holistic cat food available at Walmart, shares the following list of foods pet owners should avoid feeding to their cats:

• Milk –Shortly after they're weaned, kittens lose the ability to digest milk. If your cat consumes a high level of lactose they may suffer from an upset stomach and diarrhea.

• Cooked meats – Although we may associate meat or meat by-products with a cat's nutritional needs, they must be combined with other ingredients to provide complete nutrition. Cooked meats alone can be high in fat and do not contain a proper balance of nutrients.

• Chocolate – As with dogs, chocolate can be quite harmful to your cat. While most cats are not drawn to sweets, a chocolate snack can cause increased heart rate, tremors and hyperactivity.

• Raw fish – Some raw fish can cause a deficiency of the vitamin thiamine. Signs of a thiamine deficiency include anorexia (complete loss of appetite), abnormal posture, weakness, seizures and even death.

• Bones – Small, soft bones (such as pork chop, fish or chicken bones) should never be given to your cat, as they may splinter and lodge in the cat's mouth or throat and cause digestive distress.

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