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More and more men are waxing


Published: 08/03/2012

by Russell Lassen

More men take advantage of the continuous feeling of comfort after hair removal, including hair from private areas. So, gentlemen, if you are new to the waxing for men world and you have no idea what to expect from it, below you can find instructions for males wishing their hair prepare for the bikini men ing?

First, cleanliness is a must. Please take a shower prior to this procedure. Your skin should also be demoisturized. Do not use creams or lotions after shower. You will have a better result if your skin is less oily. Hair to be removed should be long enough, at least 0.5 to 0.7 cm. Please refrain from shaving the targeted hair at least two weeks before waxing, to make sure that the hair is long enough for the procedure. If you worry that some of it is too long, please don’t! Our specialist will cut it to the required length.

Wear comfortable loose clothes. It is important that after the procedure your underwear and clothes will not be tight and they will not rub your skin sore. It will prevent excessive skin irritation.

The specialist will show your processed areas in the mirror so that you see the completed job. The procedure is over! You are proud of your endurance and set to go on with your day as usual, but don’t forget to put your clothes on! Please also remember one thing: if you’ve done it for the first time you will have an unusual sensation where your skin touches your clothes. It’s only for some time. In some days you will really appreciate what we have done.

We will ask you to remove your clothes and, if required, underwear. By removing your underwear you will protect it from stains and you will provide normal working conditions for the specialist to do his or her job. He or she will have a good access to your targeted hair. You will be offered disposable underwear for the time of the procedure.

Before the procedure, the specialist will cleanse and remove potentially dangerous germs from your skin.

Then, your technician will examine the length of your hair and, if necessary, will cut it the required length. At the same time, your technician will determine with you areas for waxing.Next step: the procedure itself

The procedure is going to be just a little painful. If applied right, the wax will not burn your skin. The only sensation of some pain will occur when the wax is peeled off. Almost always there are some separate strands left and the specialist will remove them with tweezers. No worries, you will not feel pain at this stage.

Use special preparations after waxing to remove discomfort, reddening and prevent irritation.

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