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Beware of increased door-to-door sales tactics in summer


Published: 08/21/2015

by Marcus Johnson

So the next time you are greeted by an unexpected visitor on your doorstep, or feel misled by their aggressive sales pitch, there is no need to worry. The Consumer Protection Act has you covered.

The warmer weather brings out the best in people as they head outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. However, the good summer weather also brings out unwanted guests. Door-to-door water heater salespeople often ramp up marketing activities in the spring and summer, when it's easier to get around and they are more likely to find homeowners out front gardening or just enjoying their yard.

Sometimes, in fact, water heater sales tactics have evolved in Ontario to include aggressive and deceptive practices, and door-to-door salespeople are even known to take advantage of politeness.

Be aware, however, that amendments to the Consumer Protection Act went into effect on April 1, further protecting consumers against this type of aggressive and misleading behaviour.

“Research shows that pushy salespeople make consumers uncomfortable and in some cases they feel pressured to switch providers or to make quick decisions without doing their homework,” says John Macdonald, President and CEO of EnerCare Inc., a leading provider of energy services and solutions, including water heater rentals. “The Act gives the public protection against these sales practices.”

Consumers now have a 20-day cooling-off period following signing a water heater contract, which gives you more time to consider your decisions. This legislation also mandates that contracts are written in a way that makes them easy for consumers to understand.

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