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Bold colours are back


Published: 07/23/2012

by William Roebuck

Move over neutrals and muted tones. Bolder colours are making a comeback in

2005, and it’s all about pampering ourselves with luxury.

Homeowners have been opting for more neutral and muted colours since

2000, but in 2005 the trend is toward choosing brighter tones. With a growing

emphasis on luxury, lively, saturated colours and high-quality materials are

making a comeback.

Colours continue to be influenced by nature – reflected in blues, greens and

orange-browns – as well as natural materials such as granite, which are being replicated

in faux finishes.

As a result of the growing popularity of reality TV home improvement shows,

people are more confident to experiment with home decor. Today, people are looking

to re-energize their homes with rich interiors that provoke a sense of spirituality

and depth.

Among the most popular colour choices for 2005 are deeper yellows in sun-washed

hues; revived greens that are mystical and mossy, infused with yellow for warmth;

and more saturated neutrals that provide an ideal backdrop to natural materials

such as woods and metals, in particular stainless steel. Rounding out the list are

bolder splashes of red, orange, blue and brown.

Colour combinations – such as pairing pink with brown for a cheerful,

uplifting accent, or deep navy with warm orange for contrast – will continue

to be trendy in the coming year, along with finishing techniques and textures

such as layering, shimmering and embossing. Mixing casual elegance with

tradition creates a sense of relaxed formality and extravagance.



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