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Clutter Crimes


Published: 04/19/2012


Have you ever put off home repairs and maintenance because of the seemingly high cost, only to discover that ignoring
the problem made it more expensive to deal with later?

I often see people putting off hiring a professional organizer to avoid paying for the service. But by calculating the
real costs of clutter in your home or office, you’ll discover that it actually costs more to remain disorganized – much more. Consider the following points.


1. Clutter robs you of time

•           If your surfaces are cluttered, it can take twice as long to clean your home.

•           If your closet is overstuffed, you’re spending too much time looking for something to wear.

•           If your kitchen cupboards are disorganized, making meals can take twice as long as they should.

•           If your paperwork is in little piles all over your office, writing your report will take much longer than planned.


Once you give away your time, you can never get it back. Investing time upfront on getting organized will save you much
more time in the long run.


2. Clutter robs you of money

•           If you misplace bills, or don’t have a system to pay them on time, you’re throwing away money in late fees.

•           If your space is over-stuffed and you either have to move to a bigger place or rent a storage unit for the overflow, you’re losing money.

•           If you often re-purchase items because you can’t find the original , you’re  wasting money. Investing your money on
getting organized now will save you hundreds of dollars in years to come.


3. Clutter robs you of relationships

•           If you feel embarrassed to have people over to your house, your social life may suffer.

•           If you argue about clutter with the people you live with, it creates tension and distance between you.

•           If your disorganization is causing you to be late when meeting friends, or to miss important events, it could damage your friendships.


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