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Custom Finishes' thoughts


Published: 08/12/2014

by Robert :)

Press Release: Space Age Shelving Offers Several Types of Paint Finishes and Looks

Custom Cabinet Finishes

When you design your cabinets, some of the big decisions you have to make is what variety or type of finish you want or the look that you're going for. Traditional hand wiped stain? Classic paint? Perhaps a Glazed Milk Paint? Your colour choice is also a major consideration and can take you into different directions when you're planning your kitchen or wall unit or built in. Okay, get your pencils sharpened, and see what we can come up with for you.


Wood grain luxury has a texture all of its own. Natural wood brings up many connotations perhaps stimulating fond memories and putting a smile on your face every time you stroll into your kitchen or admire your home office or walk-in. Space Age offers a full range of high solids furniture stains, from light and subtle to rich and dramatic finishes.

Hand-applying a stain and hand-wiping it off, is the beginning of the operation and then left for a determined time period to dry accomplishing the wanted colouration and texture. Sealing in the stain is the step in the process which involves using hand-sprayed catalyzed varnish and layering determines its durability and toughness as a foundation. Baked in an oven at 130˚ for twenty minutes, this creates ultimately the beautiful and durable finish that is necessary.

Hand-sanded after the various pieces have cooled, the piece is cleaned further with a tack cloth to make it spotless for the next process. Applying another varnish and baking it once again at 130˚, this heating causes the various levels of paints to become cohesive and more solid. The entire process is not for the feint of heart and not easy to duplicate in a simple wood shop and further elevates the longevity of the piece and the costs involved.



With an almost unlimited colour palette, there should be no problem finding just the right one.

While others in the paint industry are constantly cheapening formulations by incorporating plastic fillers, Space Age has never wavered from using only the finest raw materials. Unlike those who use less accurate in-store tinting machines, the company continues to make and check each and every batch of paint itself, thereby guaranteeing superior finish, depth and accuracy of color. Using traditional methods and original formulations, we are able to produce an unrivaled depth whether inside or outside the home and whatever the style.

Classic Paint
In a rainbow of colour choices, Classic Paint is hand-sprayed and is finished as well as with our proven top-coat protective finish.

Similar to our milk-paint process, we like to bake our pieces for twenty minutes at 130˚once they have been initially coated. All pieces need to be pre-painted before a final finish and clear coat. Sanding between finishes helps create great cohesion. As you can imagine, all of these steps are incredibly labour intensive.
Once the final finish is applied, it's sort of like the icing on the cake. With one final trip into the oven, the clear coat finish adheres and combines with the rest of the paint layers. This is a proven process which creates longevity of your beautiful piece.

Milk Paint

Dating back to the dawn of time almost, milk paint is a relatively simple process that involves natural pigments, clay emulsifiers, lime and of course milk!

Of course, this is a hand applied paint and since this is a custom process, we can offer one colour or a combination so that there is a contrast. Burnishing is accomplished by having a darker or contrasting colour underneath and rubbing off the top coat to reveal the colour underneath.

As with the rest of our finishes, we prefer to seal and bake the pieces at 130˚. Not only does this ensure adhesion between layers but creates a durable top coat.


Other finish options:

Unfinished: Sometimes customer prefer an unfinished state. We are more than happy to oblige so that you can explore your artistic side perhaps. If you prefer, we can also do a combination of finishes as well.

Primed: Another manner is to give you a base to work with so that it is primed and ready for whatever artistic or practical technique you want to achieve.


Glazed: To the most discerning eye, only a Glazed finish will do. It's the visual interaction between the base color and the Glaze itself that creates a depth and patina unlike any other. Glazing is accomplished using a specially formulated stain, and is carefully rubbed on top of the chosen base color, be it stain or paint (note: not all paint can be glazed. Please discuss options with your designer), prior to sealing the part with our catalyzed varnish. Our Glaze is offered in three choices: Van Dyke, Toffee, and White.


Distressed: A well-worn interpretation is handsomely achieved with our Distressed finish. Available either with Milk Paint or stain, our skilled finishers ensure parts are adequately, yet carefully, advanced in years. Popular in many period style homes.

When you're ready to take that next step to getting some thing custom painted or finished, we're ready when you are :)


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