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Customer Service: Great Advice & Golden Rewards


Published: 12/10/2014

by Robert SpaceAge

Customer Service: Great Advice & Golden Rewards


Have you ever gone into a store and after having spent some time in there, been so elated with the customer service you highly recommend that particular store to friends and family? Well if you have, you have experienced what all businesses big or small should aspire to.

Generally, there are seven or eight particular things that a business should do to keep their customers happy and returning. We have found over the years, that customers return to you if they feel you have treated them fairly and offered a good product.

Training your staff to be friendly and courteous sounds really simple but a smile and kind word goes a long way.

Sometimes just being thoughtful, with no financial reward in sight, can clue customers or potential customers to the fact that you're here for the long run not just a quick sale and no after care service.

Good customer service can be as simple as taking the customer to a particular item they're looking for instead of just telling them where it is. After all, working with the customer is a sign you care about their patronage.

You get coupons on-line nowadays but giving something to a customer as a reward for their patronage is a wonderful way to get them coming back. When I had a small business, I used to have a frequent customer card and when full, they'd get a certain percentage off of their next purchase. A nice simple way to say thank you.

Sometimes there's no pleasing some people but working through a customer's complaint can be a great exercise in not only making the customer feel better but hopefully lure them back when they need more of your services.

Strangely enough, you have to remember what you promise the customer and keep it. Customers have memories like elephants, they supposedly never forget! So always keep your promises to customers so there is no back-treading at a later date.

And lastly, this again is very simplistic, but you'd be surprised how many people hate leaving messages to recorded answering services. In other words, to keep your customers even more happy, answer your phone in a friendly manner.

As you can imagine, good customer service is far more rewarding in the long run than fast paced couponing or razzmatazz sale special. Customers return to your business because they get good value and great customer service. ~


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