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Domestic VS Foreign Kitchens or Closet Cabinetry


Published: 09/10/2014

by Space Age Closets & Custom Cabinetry

Why You Should Purchase Domestic VS Foreign Made Cabinetry

Closet and kitchen industries have seen a flood of Chinese-made cabinets over the last few years. Most unfortunately are infested with formaldehyde, sulfur and other glue resins which are illegal in North America because of our environmental agencies. Despite the fact that Chinese manufacturers have no environmental restrictions or health agencies to safeguard the ingredients in their products, we still import them without any questions asked.

Since they are so poorly made, most cabinets will begin to de-laminate in less than three years. North Americans have long since stop using formaldehyde where children might be exposed to them since it has been found to be a carcinogen and a cause of asthma and other respiratory illnesses. North American manufacturers have been banned to use the various glues and resins that the Chinese cabinets are made from. And it's not just their cabinets but also other products such as drywall/sheetrock made in China.

On the Chinese border, there is a huge area called Suifenhe. Train loads leave the area daily with only one commodity, logs. The black market for illegal wood is huge which is another reason why Chinese made cabinets are so inexpensive. Chinese peasant labour is disgustingly cheap which again further adds to the unfair international playing field.

Keep in mind, these cabinets are flat-packed and have to be assembled here in North America. Don't expect custom sizing since that is also another reason why the cabinets are so cheap.

Here are FIVE major reason why Chinese cabinets are so bad:

Delamination of their plywood (5 ply) is caused to the amounts of formaldehyde that destabilizes the glues used.

The finish seems to be not the normal high gloss we're used to. Thin and lacklustre, the finish creates a cabinet that looks as if it's used and from the local thrift store.

The lack of hardeners in their varnishes unfortunately creates this dull finish since hardeners made your finish set-up faster so that dust can't settle and mar the surface. As well, a weak finish does seal or protect your wood and therefore it is easily scratched.

Drawer guides are very important in a kitchen or closet application. Since they use a light gauge white metal and not the usual steel variety used here in North America, the drawers will collapse with any weight over 15 pounds where the standard is 75 to 125 pounds.

When you purchase something here, you standardly have a warranty to protect you. Don't expect a warranty since they can't duplicate the finish and they only import it as a flat pack complete kit with no individual parts available.

Slowly international pressures are closing in on Chinese products and with their factories already on the move to other countries, don't expect any warranty given to be valid.

All in all, why would you trust something in your home to someone who doesn't care if you come back for more of their products?

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