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Don't let mould get ahold in your home


Published: 09/11/2012

by George Kent

Homeowners should be on the alert for excessive condensation around windows and doors and be especially vigilant at checking window sills for mould and fungus, says George Kent of George Kent Home Improvements Ltd. in Mississauga.

Mould and fungi are organisms that grow wherever there is water and a source of organic nutrition. All moulds may cause allergies in humans, but some produce chemicals such as mycotoxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be toxic to both people and pets.

Mould and fungi are not just found in wet basements or leaky attics, but where water leaks into walls through old windows or poorly operating eaves.

In our experience, over the past two years we have found Stachybotrya, also known as "black mould," on at least one window in six out of ten homes we've worked on.

As well, companies that deal with mould problems have reported an eight-fold increase in mould-related complaints over the past five years. Mould and fungi are also known to be the leading cause of sick building syndrome, more correctly referred to as "building associated symptoms."

Here's the connection. For years we have tried to live and sleep in a comfortable atmosphere inside our homes, where breathing is easy, so we have raised the humistat level so that condensation runs down window panes and on to wooden sills. The result is a breeding ground for mould and in effect, we are doing ourselves more harm than good.

For years, the main reason for replacing windows was to cut down on soaring heating bills and that remains a good decision. Today, more and more homeowners are coming to use to help not only with those rising heat bills, but to also help in transforming their residences into healthy homes.

While many homeowners may not visually note the symptoms, that does not mean they are not there. If your windows show signs of water damage, dry rot, peeling paint or other clues, there is a good chance mould is present.

That's one reason we have come up with a mould and fungi killing solution. Today's superior vinyl window construction and high efficiency glasses allow you to have a higher humidity level in your home with virtually no condensation. We not only help keep you warm, but healthy as well. As we say, there's no substitute for caring.

For solutions to control mould, including replacing old windows, doors or eaves, contact George Kent Home Improvements at 1-800-668-5439, or visit

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