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Dream Kitchens


Published: 04/10/2014

by Kimberley Seldon

Modern kitchens increasingly level the playing field between amateur cook and gourmet chef with smart layouts and dedicated products. My husband longs to grill like a Food Network pro while I dream of soufflés that rise effortlessly.


Frankly, we need all the help we can get to reach our culinary goals, so task-oriented upgrades provide the support required to turn our kitchen dreams into reality. Maybe these ideas are right for your family too.


Cabinetry, countertops and storage

Start by re-thinking old standards. Taller kitchen counters (42” rather than 36” high) provide more interior cupboard and drawer space and eliminate unnecessary bending, especially for those who are taller than the average 5’9” male or 5’4” female.

To create a seamless, easy-to-navigate kitchen, opt for integrated appliances that don’t jut out beyond traditional cabinetry. Continue the seamless appearance with stone countertops. Granite provides impervious service, but some find its appearance too heavy. Quartz countertops work equally hard and come in a wide variety of colours.

The ultimate luxury for those who love to entertain is surely the butler’s pantry – ideally located between the kitchen and dining room. It’s the perfect spot to store wine and crystal drinking glasses, silver flatware and tabletop accessories.



Whether you’re preparing dinner for a family of four or orchestrating an elegant brunch for 20, the right dishwasher eases cleanup efforts. Consider two dishwashers to accommodate large parties, busy households and kosher kitchens. For smaller households, choose two dishwasher drawers, which allow for independent operation of upper and lower sections (an energy-saving boost).


Double the width inside your fridge and accommodate large party platters with ease; the French door refrigerator is one of the nicest-looking new appliances to hit the market in a long time.


Cleaning and recycling

Get serious about garbage and recycling with the addition of specific chutes that lead from the kitchen directly out of doors into covered waste bins. It sounds complicated but it isn’t. Consult a qualified builder to link the interior and exterior through a small hole at counter height.


In our design practice, we often combine this helpful feature with other essentials such as storage space for recycling and storage for large foodstuffs.

Laundry in the kitchen? Why not? I’m for anything that eliminates unnecessary steps. A small-capacity washer and dryer (or all-in-one combination that fits under counter height) puts clean dishtowels at your fingertips.


Personal enjoyment

Display the wines you love in a free-standing or under-counter wine fridge. Introductory models are 15"-24" wide and start under $300. More sophisticated versions provide independent temperature zones for storing red, white and sparkling wines.

Coffee lovers want – make that need – a built-in or professional espresso maker. Locate it near the breakfast table and it’s guaranteed to keep meal times percolating.


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