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Entryway Enhancements


Published: 07/16/2014

by Alison Hodd

Try these easy ways to spruce up any home’s entryway, whether it serves a single purpose or does double-duty for another space.


  1. Sass it up with colour

Most entryways look and feel cold. Just because it takes a beating doesn’t mean it has to look unloved. Grab a paint brush and give it some TLC. Love colour? Cover at least one wall or colour a door a peppy colour.



  1. Get Hooked

Hooks and pegs are a must-have. I like the convenience of hooks out in the open. They make it easy to hang and grab coats, hats, bags and dog leashes. If you have kids, assign hooks to each child. In my case, I need four per kid. Each child has one hook for a coat, sweatshirt, dance bag and knapsack. (It is possible that I also require four hooks for each of my purses, bringing the total to 12. Shhh.) And make use of the height. Use higher hooks for adult items and a lower set for the kids.


  1. Sit on it

A spot to sit on for putting on and taking off shoes and

sandals is a nice luxury, if you have room for it. A repainted

salvaged chair or bench can add cost-conscious charm.


  1. Control the clutter

Open shelves with baskets on them are the easiest way to corral summer necessities like sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. My mom has six matching baskets lined up in her back hall. They look charming year after year. For kids, place them at eye level so they learn to take responsibility for finding and putting away their things. Good design can help train kids to be conscientious at a young age.


  1. Think under foot

My favourite flooring for an entryway is porcelain or ceramic. It holds up well and cleans easily. A newer option is luxury vinyl tile. These tiles mimic the look of stone but are softer and warmer on the feet. This is great if your entryway does double-duty as a mudroom, laundry room or kitchen. Adding an area rug is another easy way to give this space a fresh feeling in the summer months. Check out the new indoor/outdoor rugs and runners at major retailers. They are durable, spunky and affordable.


  1. Life event management
    Corkboards and magnetic boards are a great way to keep messages, invitations, swimming report cards and calendars in a spot where everyone will see them. You can buy them as a single piece to hang on a wall or you can pick up magnetic paint or chalk paint to make your own.


Have fun making your entry fun this summer.



Alison Hodd is the owner of Catherine Alison Interiors in Oakville, ON. Visit


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