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Estimating the cost of a renovation


Published: 02/02/2012


One of the main problems consumers have in getting a complete bathroom renovation done is that you cannot buy it off a shelf like you can a box of cornflakes. When you are obtaining quotes, everyone who visits your existing site to commence the estimating process has a different vision of what your bathroom should look like when it is complete.


Some companies will quote very low to get the job, only to add the extras required to complete the project after it has started. Others will quote the project and add for unforeseen items later. Others still will quote on the client wish list only, knowing that the bathroom will be no- where near completion when they are finished.


To get a good grasp of the matter and level the playing field for a complete bathroom renovation, obtain quotes from a professional bathroom renovation specialist that has a showroom, where you can view and choose all of the products you want.


The project estimate should include the costs of all of the product selections as chosen by you, complete labour and installation, building materials and supplies, plumbing and electrical supplies, any mirrors and lighting, the exhaust fan, a new door and window casing, the patching of walls and the ceiling as needed, priming and painting, and a tiled baseboard. It also should cover worker’s comp and insurance, delivery, garbage removal, cleanup and taxes. Only then will you know what to


Joe Beninato is the president of Superior Bath and a bathroom renovation expert.

He can be contacted at 905-426-1714 or by e-mail at


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