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Extend your support system after a life-altering event


Published: 06/21/2016

by Arielle Duke


Traumatic life-altering events often occur unexpectedly and can affect anyone. These issues may be the result of the loss of a loved one, relationship problems, abuse, addictions, a caregiver burden, a mental health concern or financial hardship.

Devastating life events often leave us feeling alienated and alone. “Social workers are trained to deal with these events,” says Joan MacKenzie Davies, the executive director of the Ontario Association of Social Workers. “They recognize that emotional, social and economic factors often have a significant impact on people's health and wellness. They look broadly at possible causes as well as solutions to problems. Social workers are real experts for real life.”

Social workers have never been more relevant than they are today given the range of issues and pressures we face as a society. They look at all aspects of a person's life and this can prove especially useful in complex situations.

Turning issues into answers

Social workers are equally skilled in providing professional expertise for issues that are just part of everyday living. They help people of all ages, backgrounds and income levels find solutions to problems that impact their day-to-day lives and can help find solutions tailored to that individual's needs. They can be extremely helpful at many points in a life, regardless of age, race, gender or socio-economic status. It's an approach that can be especially effective and empowering.

A social worker can provide psychotherapy and counseling which will help to identify and understand the source of stress or difficulty; improve coping skills; find effective solutions to problems; and help locate needed resources.

For more information on finding a social worker, dial "211" or visit To find a social worker in private practice in your area:

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