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Fall Fix-Ups


Published: 07/24/2012

by Evelyn

Now is the time to prepare your home for winter. These fall fix-ups will put home and yard in order.

1. Get the garage ready

Clean and organize the garage, making sure to place winter needs such as shovels or sidewalk de-icer where you can get at them easily.

2. Winterize cars and trucks

Make sure that winter safety essentials such as flashlights, blankets and flares are stored in all vehicles. Check that the spare tire is inflated and the car jack is present and in good working order.

3. Yard maintenance

Protect valuable shrubs and perennials from deep freezes with burlap. Items that can't be stored indoors, such as swing sets or patio furniture, could be given a coat of protective paint or covered with plastic covers.

4. Plan for indoor fun

Cold weather and cabin fever call for creative ways to have fun indoors. Get out the board games and plan for family fun. Buy photo albums so you can while away a cold fall evening enjoying and organizing family photos.



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