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Fall Renovation Ideas


Published: 06/25/2012

by Bruce Cromie

Now is the perfect time to be thinking about having a renovation or addition completed. With the busy season winding down, many contractors have a bit more time to take on new projects. If your project doesn’t require a permit, then you may even be able to get someone to start right away. If you are going to need a permit, then there is still a chance that you can get it before the ground freezes.

Homeowners may think that the building season is over after the summer, but the fact is that most jobs can be carried out throughout the winter. If there is foundation or concrete work involved, it takes a little bit more planning but other than that you are usually safe to proceed with most jobs.

The bonus is that you can probably get a better price, because of the supply and demand principle. Decking companies

 or roofing companies, usually have year-end specials. If they don’t, then you should ask them about it.

Another advantage is that if it is a seasonal project that you require, you will have it completed and waiting

for you come spring. You will then get an entire season of enjoyment out of it. So instead of thinking

that you missed the season to have that special project completed, just pick up the phone and get it done this fall.



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