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Five Top Kitchen Tips


Published: 03/05/2012


1.  Open up and use every inch. Instead of upper cabinets, install open shelving in your kitchen so your most-used items are at an easy reach. Not only is open shelving functional, it also adds an airy feeling to your kitchen. It’s a great solution if you are renovating in a smaller space. Open shelving is perfect for large bowls, pots and serving dishes, and small cubbies are great for hand towels and small utensils.


2. Install a kitchen island. An extra surface in your kitchen can often be a real benefit. Install an island with granite or marble countertop and an under-mount sink for extra prep space. An additional sink is ideal for when there are extra hands to
help you with the dishes. You also can get a rolling island that can be used as extra seating for guests, or be rolled to the side for use as a buffet. Don’t think you have enough space? Think again. From rolling to stationary islands, from big to small, there are plenty of options customizable to fit your space.


3. Create customized storage. Whether you will be installing it in your cabinetry or a kitchen island, consider what you use
most in your kitchen, what needs a special space, and determine how you can customize shelving to create a functional space for those things. Upright steel slats create a great place for heavy baking sheets, while deeps shelves open up and use every inch of available space. 


4.  Go with glass kitchen cabinets. If you have some beautiful dishware you want to display, glass-front cabinets installed in the kitchen are the way to do it. With glass cabinets, you create the feel of a piece of furniture in your kitchen, and it can change the dynamic of the typically monotonous wall-to-wall enclosed wooden cabinetry. Also, if you are renovating in a small space, glass cabinetry can help to open up and brighten up your kitchen.


5.  Don’t forget the kitchen sink. When it comes to kitchen sinks, the bigger, the better. If you are going to be cleaning large pots and cookware, or often have a large load of hand-wash-only dishes to do after a party, you are going to need a big sink to get the job done efficiently. Under-mount sinks are also a great option, as they make cleaning a breeze because you can wipe the debris right into the sink.


When orienting the placement of your workspace in your renovation, it’s a good idea to place the kitchen sink underneath a window. As much as you may want to forget it, you will be spending at least some time there washing dishes, so why not enjoy some scenery while you’re at it?


Consider the sink faucet too. High gooseneck faucets make it easy to fill large pots and vases, and to manœuvre things in and out of the sink.  


•  Mark Noonan is the president of Plumbing Mart.

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