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Four Seasons Sunrooms


Published: 01/08/2014

by Mental Health Canada

Waking to a bright sunny morning makes you feel good to be alive! Such is the power of sunlight for lifting your spirits. In fact, it's been scientifically proven that natural light is just as important to our health and well-being as food and water. Not only does it help to keep your skin in good condition, but it also plays a vital role in keeping your body active and your mind healthy.

During the winter months, half a million people develop a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)*, which is directly related to light deprivation. The condition can cause mood swings, lethargy, sleep problems, anxiety and overeating, leading to weight gain.

While the majority of us may never suffer such severe symptoms, nevertheless, it's common for many people to experience the 'winter blues' – especially when you're cooped up all day at work, or are hunkering down at home, and are therefore exposed for long hours to artificial light.

So how can you counter that feeling of dread as the days grow shorter and the long winter months set in?

Well, one way is to invest in a sunroom that allows you to capture every ray of natural light, throughout the year, and bring it flooding into your home. Having an addition where the walls are made of transparent glass rather than brick, wood or stone means you can maximize your exposure to natural light, making you feel better and healthier. And you don't necessarily need clear winter skies and bright sunshine in order to benefit. Remember, it's having access to natural, rather than artificial, light that makes all the difference.

Four Seasons Sunrooms of Durham has been a leading supplier of sunrooms, conservatories and glass filled additions for over 20 years. Not only are their sunrooms built to last, but their exclusive patented glass technology, known as CONSERVAGLASS SELECT™, is also designed to keep your sunroom or conservatory cooler in summer and warmer in winter. And that's essential if you want to enjoy the benefits of natural light 365 days a year. No use having a sunroom or conservatory that you shut down in winter because it's just too cold to sit in!

Four Seasons customers, Victor and Mary Ann, from Burlington, can vouch for the health benefits that their Four Seasons Sunroom brings – both for them and their plants! 

"It's now five degrees below zero, and about a foot of snow covers the ground outside. Do we care? Not at all! We're in our Four Seasons Sunroom, surrounded by tomatoes, peppers, celery, cucumbers, lettuce, herbs, and flowers... Now we can enjoy our own fresh food, year-round. The extra oxygen from the plants helps to keep us healthy - and the added warmth on sunny days not only helps warm the house, but also lifts our spirits.


So whether the economic gloom is getting you down or the onset of winter fills you with dread, maybe it's time to brighten up your life and discover the health benefits of a Four Seasons Sunroom!

* Source: Mental Health America

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