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Give your lawn a facelift


Published: 01/05/2012

by William Roebuck

Golf courses have been top-dressing since the game was invented. To get a beautiful, golf-course-like lawn, top-dressing
is the answer. Top-dressing in the early spring is the best way to maintain a lush, healthy, green lawn.


Both top-dressing and over-seeding will help to level out the bumps in an uneven lawn, produce new roots for a thicker and heavier growth, assist with water retention, and reduce lawn diseases and traffic stress.


Arnts Topsoil’s Topdressing is a unique blend of sandy loam, peat loam, leaf compost, mushroom compost and aged bark
fines. The loams and composts are vital for moisture retention and nutritional value, whereas the bark fines lower the pH to the optimum growing range.


To apply, spread the premium soil 1/4-in. to 1/2-in. deep over your existing lawn. Spread the grass seed by using the backside of a leaf rake and brush the grass. We can assist you in finding the right seed for your grass type at either of our locations. Ensure the seeds and soil remain moist by watering every morning. Lastly, enjoy your new, luscious lawn.  

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