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Questions to ask before buying a cottage read more

Don't Sacrifice Your Nest Egg for Your Nest

Published: 06/21/2016 by Arielle Duke in Money

Becoming a homeowner is one of life's greatest milestones. And while it's exciting and thrilling, owning a home is certainly one of the m...

Larson Electronics Releases New 14” LED Task Light with 50’ Cord Reel

Larson Electronics has added to its extensive range of industrial grade lighting equipment with the release of a fourteen inch LED drop l...

every wall counts!

every wall counts!

Published: 10/13/2015 by DVIRA OVADIA in Decor

Why you shouldn’t neglect decorating your hallways and corridors.

The Slick Side of Drawer Glides

The Slick Side of Drawer Glides

Published: 10/08/2014 by Harry Levinson in Organizing

The hidden side of drawer slides

Wall Colors and Lighting

Wall Colors and Lighting

Published: 09/11/2014 by Jumie O. in Decor

Wall Color and Lighting are 2 small things that make a huge difference to the look and feel of a space. As a visual person who loves all...

Larson Electronics releases a Hand Lamp with 10 Watt Colored LED Bulb and 25’ Cord

Larson Electronics continues its commitment to providing high grade lighting equipment to specialty markets with the release of a drop li...

Larson Electronics releases a New 160 Watt General Area Use High Bay LED Light Fixture

Longtime leader in commercial and industrial grade lighting equipment Larson Electronics has announced the release of a 160 watt low prof...

RAW - Storage Locker 3202

RAW - Storage Locker 3202

Published: 06/18/2014 by Kim Graham in More

The installation is the event—RAW takes over storage locker 3202 for Toronto’s Architecture A-list as design bash of the season returns w...

Five Daring Colours To Decorate

Could you be ready to try them in your home?

Four Seasons Sunrooms

Why Sunrooms Are Good For Your Health