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How to maximize natural light in your home


Published: 07/08/2015

by Marcus Johnson

The more daylight you can invite indoors the better you'll feel. Daylight is free, and it's the ultimate green energy source. These natural light solutions are simple, clean and elegant home improvements that boost the beauty and brightness of your home without raising electricity bills. Visit for more details on how a sun tunnel can illuminate your home.

Adding daylight to your living space is one of the best things you can do to improve your home. There aren't many other home adjustments that have the power to change your mood, your health, the style, comfort and design of your home than something as simple as natural light. Here are some smart ways to enhance the natural light that enters your home to make a world of difference.

Capitalize on windows: Go with light and airy blinds or curtains, instead of dark and heavy textures. Translucent shades provide privacy while still allowing the sun's natural brightness to shine through. Even something as simple as remembering to pull back curtains during the day and give your windows a thorough cleaning can make a big impact.

Fresh paint colour: Choose a soft, bright colour for your walls to help reflect the natural light that comes in. While dark colours tend to consume the brightness of a room and give off a feeling of dullness and lifelessness, light coloured paint can actually radiate natural light that comes through. A great tip to maximize the effectiveness of light paint is to add white paint trim around your windows and an accent wall for a pop of colour.

Put in a Sun Tunnel: Sun tunnels offer an exceptional way to bring daylight into indoor spaces. While skylights may not work for the roof details or floor plans of every home, Sun Tunnels are easy to install and extremely effective for bringing light in. They work by capturing light on the roof and directing it downwards into a highly reflective aluminum tube – the light ends up coming through the ceiling of the home distributing light evenly throughout the space. Look for sun tunnels that are designed for reliability and performance like ones from Velux which have an integrated pan and dome assembly to prevent leaks and allow for condensation drainage.

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