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How to protect your home while vacationing during the winter months


Published: 01/17/2013

by Mike Kwiatkowski

How to protect your home while vacationing during the winter months


With the winter months upon us, many people are gearing up to move south for the winter. What people forget, is that winter is the perfect time for thieves to take advantage of empty homes (think: Home Alone). In the winter, people are constantly leaving their homes unattended, whether it's for a warm destination, or visiting family. In the hustle and bustle of the season, people often make careless mistakes. Plus, the emergence of social media is constantly blurring the lines between sharing personal details for fun, and putting yourself in danger.  Weiser has come up with these 10 easy tips for protecting yourself and your home during vacation this winter.

 "It's important to ensure your home is protected if you are going away for a lengthy vacation," says Steve Kolobaric of Weiser. "People think planned burglaries are things of the movies, but they can happen. The best thing to do is to take some simple measures before you leave, so you can relax with peace of mind knowing your home is safe."

 Check out these simple tips for protecting your home while you're away this winter or holiday season:

1. Don’t update any statuses or “tweet” the dates that you are going away. Also, be sure to utilize the privacy settings on social media sites correctly to ensure that strangers are not seeing things you didn’t intend for them to see.

2. Lock your doors 24/7.  50 percent of all break-ins are through unlocked doors!

3. Help the police help you! Make sure you keep your street address visible.  If affixing numbers to your house, they should be at least four inches high, reflective and visible from the street.

4. Don’t post photos of the new 52” TV you got for Christmas, and then post your vacation destination right after.

5. Backyard secure? Consider installing a fence and plants fast-growing bushes as extra barrier around the exterior of your home.

6. Be careful when using the “check-in” feature on Facebook, and be weary of apps that share your location to others. The new generation of apps broadcasts your location at all times to friends -- and in many cases to people you don't even know. And unlike the previous generations of applications that required you to check in to a venue, these apps are persistent unless you pause them or turn them off.

7. Been at the same house for a while? Replace your outside locks as you’ve probably given out your house key a lot through the years.

8. Don’t post anything online about how frustrated you are because your front door doesn’t shut properly, or about how you’re getting new windows installed over the weekend.

9. Got deadbolts? Most burglaries are the result of forced entry.  Make sure all exterior doors have deadbolts with at least a 1” throwbolt.

10. Be careful to monitor what your children are posting i.e.: “Parents gone all week! House to myself!"

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