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How to Wear Florals for Spring


Published: 04/23/2015

by Marcus Johnson

Belts can act as a way to accentuate the waist and add structure to a loose outfit bringing form and shape. “A flower print dress can sometimes overpower a feminine frame,” says Ewen. “Be sure to belt your floral dress with a solid colored belt, this will help to keep it chic and flattering.”

Spring has sprung and floral prints are sprouting up on fashion runways once again. The racks are blossoming with flowery pieces in every shape, colour, style and tone.

To flip this classic spring trend on its head, Canadian lifestyle expert, Janette Ewen shares some fun new ways to wear florals this spring and tips on how to incorporate them into all elements of your look from footwear and clothing to jewelry and accessories.

Floral-inspired jewelry.

Floral patterns aren't just popping up on the fashion show runways, flower power inspired jewelry is also in full bloom. “Wearing floral jewelry is a great way to soften up an outfit and add contrast to bold statement pieces like a leather jacket, a tailored vest, or biker boots,” says Ewen. “A delicate pair of stud earrings, like Pandora's sterling silver Dazzling Daisies, adds a touch of romance to any spring outfit.” Get the look at


Don't be a wallflower! If you're afraid of looking like you raided your grandmother's closet, you might want to avoid some of the bolder prints and implement this spring trend into your accessories. “Try adding a splash of floral with a simple scarf, tote or a great pair of flower print shoes,” recommends Ewen. Use the bright blooms of spring as a fun addition to an otherwise simple outfit.

Mix and match.

Make a statement by pairing a fierce floral pattern with a streamline basic piece. “A flower patterned skirt looks great when paired with a sharp solid top like a light weight cotton sweater layered with a crisp white blouse,” adds Ewen.

Cinch the look!

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