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Improving your home security


Published: 05/12/2012

by Grand Alarms

Nevertheless, whatever choice you make, you need to make sure you understand the risks and the benefits of a
good, working security system.


It is important to remember that your home security system will only be as good as the precautions you take to keep
intruders at bay. No matter how flawless the system you will be using, if you have not taken some preliminary steps for your security, it may not be as successful as you wanted.


Here are some things you might consider doing.


1. Remove any potential hiding places in the vicinity. Bushes, trees and any objects that a home security system cannot fully detect must be eliminated. Motion detectors cannot detect movement behind these hiding places.


2.  Outdoor lighting is important. Some home security cameras may boast of infrared abilities, but it would always be wise to have something like a bright light to assist your surveillance processes.


3.  Secure other buildings in the immediate area, such as sheds and detached garages. Make sure there are no tools in them that can be used by intruders to deactivate the alarms. If you have the extra money, it would be good to install some home
security devices in these areas.


  1. Doors should be kept locked at all times. There are some people who feel reassured that they have the best
    home security protection. Of course, there is nothing more helpful to the home security system than to ensure the lock codes are kept secret to prevent others from using them.


Grand Alarms will give you all of your money’s worth. By securing your home, you are adding a protection against potential losses that would cost you more money. The home security devices the company offers, and its free assessment as to which system is the best, will give you an idea of the things you need to know to improve your home security measures.  


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