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Interesting ideas for Spring


Published: 01/30/2012

With each New Year comes an emergence of new style trends. And while the thought of completely renovating your home
every year may be tempting for some, not all of us have the time or financial ability to do so. Instead, check out these easy and affordable trends for kitchen and bathroom decor.


“Paint colours bring out personality and decor aesthetics. Oftentimes, painting a space is the easiest and most cost-effective way to update a room,” says Jane Chadwick of Pfister Channel Marketing, Stanley Black & Decker. “Colour reflects design options from traditional, to modern. It’s best to keep all other elements like faucets, lighting, floors and furniture in neutral shades for balance. Chrome, stainless steel and satin nickel faucets work great in this environment.”


Faucets also add an element of personal character to the kitchen and bath. The Pfister Elevate EXT kitchen faucet offers manœuvrability in the kitchen because it adjusts heights. Have a tall stockpot to fill up? No problem, just adjust the faucet up, and then back down when you’re done.


Another trend that is emerging is the mixture of old and new styles in one place. Many people are simply adding newer, more modern-looking faucets and hardware to their outdated kitchens and bathrooms. Bringing old and new styles together creates a feeling of longevity – that the space came together over time.


You could also try installing a new backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom, using colourful glass tile or stone. It will act as a focal point for any kitchen or bathroom.


Laundry room layout makes more time for you


The kitchen triangle has long been known as the most efficient way to design a kitchen, and now the same ergonomic layout
principles have been adapted for the laundry room. With a goal of simplifying the laundry process, Whirlpool Home Appliances and professional organizer Clare Kumar have developed an intuitive layout that helps get the laundry process done faster. By organizing the laundry space into four zones – prep area, washer and dryer, folding counter and finishing centre – you create an intuitive flow that eases the laundry cycle.


Simplified outdoor storage


Roughly half of Canadians store so much stuff in their garage, they don’t have room for the car. Outdoor sheds are the
ideal way to get bikes, gardening tools, sporting equipment and many other frequently used items out of the garage, so the car can fit back in. Rubbermaid’s new Slide Lid Shed provides an affordable, efficient solution that can solve home and garage clutter problems in just a few hours.


The sliding lid on the shed makes it easy to reach everything inside and get the best possible use out of the storage space. Its low profile allows it to remain below most fence lines, so it won’t change sightlines and won’t generate any complaints from neighbours. This sturdy, compact shed comes with a heavy-duty, impact-resistant floor and can be assembled with a few basic hand tools. It is a total of 96 cu. ft. in size.


Rubbermaid Wall Anchors make it easy to add shelving, peg board and other organization accessories to maximize the wall
and, thus, floor space of the shed. It’s available at Home Hardware and Home Depot with a suggested price of $499.99.


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