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Keeping you cool and still save on energy costs


Published: 09/19/2012

by Evelyn

Hotter days are ahead and our efforts to keep cool can send energy prices up. In addition, the high demand for power puts a strain on the province's energy supply. Here are some tips for staying cool, saving money and doing your bit to help prevent "brown-outs," or even worse, another big blackout like we had last summer.

1. Seal cracks and gaps around windows, doors and vents with exterior caulking. It helps keep the cool air in and warm, moist air out.

2. Make use of ceiling fans. They are energy-efficient and keep air circulating to help you feel cool.

3. If you decide on air conditioning, install central air. It is more energy efficient than window units.

4. Use a dehumidifier. Dry air feels cooler than humid air. You'll feel more comfortable and use less air conditioning.

5. Run you dishwasher only when full and at off peak hours, usually in the late evening. Let the dishes air-dry.

6. Do the family laundry in the evening when the demand for power is lower. If you can, hang clothes to dry, either inside or out. It saves on energy and keeps the laundry area cooler.

7. Install programmable thermostats. You can lower the temperature at night when the outside air is cooler.

8. Turn off lights when out of the room. Control light intensity by installing dimmer switches and make a change to fluorescent bulbs. These three simple changes will lower energy costs and keep rooms cooler.


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