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Looking 10 years younger…10 years later


Published: 02/15/2012

by Eleanor Welsh

Exasperated, she sought non-invasive body contouring treatments and then experienced a complete physical transformation. As a result, in 1992 she bought that company.


In 2001, as she started dealing with the challenging signs of aging and childbearing, all of her options seemed to point
towards ‘going under the knife’, which she knew would be costly, invasive and irreversible. Desperate, she researched for other options.


Today her five growing medical clinics, with over 100 staff – including MDs, RNs and RPNs – are the largest providers
of non-invasive technologies in Canada.


The clinics use wrinkle-smoothing injections made of naturally occurring sugar molecules and purified soluble proteins to
instantly refresh your look in less than an hour. They have FDA medically approved non-invasive inch-loss systems.


Her personal dedication and commitment extends to her patients experiencing their own transformation of looking 10
years younger and feeling amazing.   


To see all of her before-and-after pictures, or for more information, call 1-877-358-2279. Other information is
available at Get ready for looking 10 years younger.

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