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Minimizing tax-season stress


Published: 02/04/2012


But every year, you find yourself in the same predicament: a shoebox of receipts, a looming deadline and no idea where to begin. Here are a few tips to help ease tax-related stress and meet the April 30 filing deadline.


Don’t overlook tax credits available to you: Of the hundreds of tax credits available to Canadians, there are a few
that can make a big difference to homeowners come refund time – three alone for those who have purchased a new home.


Using tax software will help, as it is designed to help you file taxes quickly and easily. Most programs offer step-by-step guidance and some offer free expert help if you have questions about your tax situation.


Tax planning should be a year-round strategy. File receipts and documents throughout the year for easy access when
taxes are due. And do some careful planning to take advantage of tax deductions.  


•  Richard McCann is a tax specialist at Intuit Canada.

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