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Own your own island…in the kitchen, that is


Published: 05/25/2012


Whatever the overall style of the room, from ultra-modern to classically traditional, islands are popping up everywhere.


Islands adds a whole new level of functionality to kitchens. They are perfect for everyday meal preparation and then step up nicely as serving spaces when entertaining. A second sink in an island can make cleaning and prep work a breeze.


It can offer additional storage for your library of cookbooks or extra dishes you keep for entertaining. It can also act as an extra area for more casual dining – a place where the whole family can gather.


Kitchen islands can be designed to match cabinet colours, or can be finished in a contrasting colour to add interest to the room. No matter what your budget, if there is space in your kitchen, then an island makes a great addition.


And speaking of budget, if you’re looking to add an island without going to the expense of a full reno, an interesting table can be used as an extra work surface. Make sure it’s at a comfortable height, add some wheels so it can be moved as needed, and there you go, instant island!  


Mark Noonan is president of Plumbing Mart.

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