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Practical Primers


Published: 06/26/2012

by William Roebuck

Decorating 101 might be a better name for The Home  Zone , a beautifully produced book on how to make the

most of your living space. This book is a collaboration of six designers and is a comprehensive

guide to decorating the whole home. The Home Zone begins with an overview of the most common design styles, from

country to contemporary, and then translates these styles room by room. Colour principles, lighting,

flooring, soft furnishings and accessories are all discussed.


The text is well written and the book is full of beautiful photos illustrating the design concepts. It’s a must

for anyone looking to makeover a home or even a single room. The Home Zone retails for $50.00

The Kitchen Design Planner by Fay

Sweet is a practical guide to designing and decorating the heart and soul of any home – the kitchen.

This hardbound work book provides tabbed sections on basic design planning, flooring, lighting, storage, and appliances. Each

section includes a place to make notes or floor plans and a pocket to keep quotes and receipts for the project.

The Kitchen Design Planner begins with outlines of the basic style – contemporary, country, eclectic – and then takes

the reader through the necessary stages to complete that dream kitchen. This useful guide retails for $37.95.

For those of us with treasures tucked away in closets,


On Display

may be just the right book for the home reference shelf. Written by Lesley Dilcock, this book is a how-to on effectively

displaying those items that bring us joy or have special sentimental value. The author provides lots

of ideas about what types of things can be displayed and fascinating examples of how to creatively show them

off. On Display opens up a realm of possibilities for your favourite stuff, whether it’s hanging from the ceiling,

piled artistically in a corner or arranged fancifully on a shelf. The book retails for $39.95.


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