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Preparing your house for painting


Published: 09/10/2012

by William Roebuck

Sand glossy surfaces under eaves and all protected areas not exposed to normal weathering.

Applying the topcoat
 Mix paint thoroughly to ensure best results and most consistent colour. First, mix enough paint needed to complete an entire section by pouring several single gallons together into an empty five-gallon container. Then, stir before and during use.

 Start with the body of the house. Load first third of your brush and hold the brush by the bristle base. Apply using long, smooth strokes.

 Finish with trim. It is best to remove shutters, paint them, and then rehang when you are finished.

 Vinyl siding should NOT be painted darker than its original colour. Darker colours absorb more heat and can cause bowed or warped siding.

 New stucco or previously coloured stucco can be painted or repainted in a host of colours.

 For maximum defence against weathering and UV rays, the best exterior paint system is one coat of a latex primer and two coats of a latex finish coating.

 Although the paint may contain a mildewcide, it's still vital to remove all existing mildew to ensure a long-lasting and successful paint job.

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