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Pull-Out Drawers


Published: 08/19/2014

by Harry Levinson

So when you're ready to upgrade and optimize your home, consider applying pull-outs of course custom created just for you by Space Age Closets and Custom Cabinetry.

Pull-Out Drawers

Nowadays, everyone is trying to utilize the space they have in their homes to the utmost. In our kitchens, saving and using the space is exceptionally important.

One of the most useful products we have found helpful in the kitchen are pull-outs. Either something commercially-made or something custom fitted, pull-outs are a great way to take advantage of spaces you wouldn't normally use efficiently.

A great example are cupboards in your kitchen are quite deep. Unless you have arms like an orangutan, you rarely are able to reach the back of the cupboard.

Often we have had customers come into the store and tell us about the ill-designed half shelves in lower cupboards in their kitchens. Our suggestion, install a pullout drawer with side slides. It makes so much sense since you're never going to reach the things in the back and the fact that it's way down low too.

Another suggestion was brought to us by a customer that was turning a narrow broom closet into a pantry. Most closets are 20 to 24 inches deep and there fore the same problem would be present of deep shelves. Pull-outs to the rescue! Problem is solved and the space is utilized so much better with pull-outs.

Pull-out drawers work not only in the kitchen but can help organize things in the bathroom as well as other places in the home. We often utilize pull-outs in closets as well as in areas under bathroom sinks. The applications of pull-out drawers are really only limited to your imagination and ingenuity.

Keep in mind, pull-out drawers can be just about any depth as well. With that in mind, pull-out drawers are great for storing heavy pots and small appliances in the low cupboards in the kitchen.

Usually, we construct pull-outs with white melamine to complement and blend in with the materials mostly commonly used in kitchen construction. However, we are also able to design pull-out drawers utilizing maple or birch as an upgrade material choice.

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