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Realizing Special Dreams


Published: 08/01/2012

by Mark Noonan

You've worked hard. You've saved, scrimped and sacrificed. You've read every home decorating magazine for the last two years to hone your vision and identify your style. Now it's time to renovate, to update and to celebrate.

As you contemplate renovation decisions, which way do you turn? While the options are many, the results themselves are predictable. One small mistake in the selection process can leave you with nothing but headaches. Perfect planning allows for proper execution. This is where your real work begins.

Where to start? You have your ideas and your perfect vision fully assembled in your minds' eye. Now can you find someone who understands what it means to you? The short answer is 'yes.' You need to focus and source out a specialist versus a generalist in your particular area of need to ensure a truly professional experience.

The skills, knowledge and experience a specialist brings to the equation will create a value proposition that can't be equaled, even when compared to a group of individually assembled trade and product suppliers.

A general contractor will offer you a general solution developed from his limited supply chain. A specialty contractor will be fully qualified in offering an efficient and targeted solution to your specific renovation needs, which may involve options and selections from around the world.

Who are these specialists and where can you find them? A true specialist likely will work from a modern showroom that is up-to date with displays featuring the latest product offerings, all presented in natural environments that give you a real feel for the life they breathe.

The showroom says that they have made an investment in their craft and that they are focused on industry-specific information and products. Their showroom gives you the confidence that they mean business and that they can make your business their number one priority.

Specialists understand the need to develop information from the ground up. They will visit you in your home to assess you needs, to review the information you may have collected, and to capture specific information about the space to be renovated so that the technical needs perfectly match your expectations.

When it's time to meet again, the specialist will present suggestions from the mass of options available. Now the project begins to take on a life of its own and your vision will start to become reality.

A specialist should know the products and technicians that are necessary to provide you with top value for your dollar, without question or concern. This integrated approach to renovating brings with it incredible efficiencies, strong client support, the best market skills, dependability and warranties that surpass expectations.

Your home is probably the biggest investment in your life. When it comes to renovations, if you take the time to do it right, it's always worth it in the end.

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