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Soak it Up in a whirlpool or soaker tub


Published: 06/25/2012

by Mark Noonan

Before we know it, we’re thinking about winter holidays, and the colder days and longer nights are forcing us to retreat


indoors in search of a little comfort. It’s all part of being Canadian and we enjoy it, right?


I’d like to offer this idea: maybe now that we’ve moved indoors again it’s time to slow the pace of modern life down a


bit. Is there a better way to relax, at this time of year when the north wind blows, than to ‘soak it up’?


Whirlpools, once the status symbol of every bathroom renovation, have seen an extreme decline in sales over recent


years. This is because we’ve become too busy to enjoy them. Instead, many homeowners have chosen to favour powerful


shower systems with body jets and rain spa heads that provide a great experience in half the time.


The shame of this choice is that whirlpool manufacturers now feature tubs and accessories that are the most relaxing


products of their generation. We simply need to find the time to enjoy them.


Does the thought of closing the door behind you, filling the bath with hot water that plays out wafts of steam, of


getting comfortable with a good book while keeping a glass of your favourite Chardonnay close at hand, bring a peaceful


picture to your mind? Imagine relaxing in a soaker tub that offers a ‘total immersion’ experience. You


can select products with systems that pump warm air through the water to help your tired body completely unwind.


Some tubs come with mood lighting for the perfect ambiance and offer comfortfitting styles that hold your body in the


most natural of positions. When pondering your next bathroom renovation, take some time, consider yourself


first and put some energy into picking the perfect product that will best reflect the lifestyle you deserve. You’ll find the winter


months will pass more quickly when you take a little time to ‘soak it up’.




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