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Spaced out, beautiful design solutions


Published: 06/22/2012

by Kimmberly Capone

A powder room on the main level of your home is great for guests. Since most powder rooms are quite small, they often


come with pedestal sinks. Although these look lovely, they are not versatile, as they don’t provide space to store necessities


such as extra towels, toilet paper, tissues, air freshener, soaps or reading material. Since we all want functional


living spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, we sometimes have to think outside of the box. Treating a powder room is no different.


Here are a few functional, practical, affordable and beautiful design solutions.


If your budget and space will allow it, a vanity sink and a chest with drawers or a cupboard are the best


solutions. This setup will neatly and inconspicuously store all of the powder room’s requirements. Vanity sinks come in all


sizes so no matter how small your room, you can surely find one to fit in the space.


Vanities are easy to install, often come with matching mirrors, and since they are larger than a pedestal sink, they provide


greater counter space. They can conceal any damaged drywall or paint colour changes that may be uncovered

when you replace an old pedestal sink. If a vanity sink isn’t in the budget for now, don’t worry.


The following accessories will aid in housing bathroom necessities.


■ Place a small decorative trunk beside

the toilet or underneath the pedestal sink.


■ Use an open wicker basket

and fill it with rolls of toilet

paper – it will look great.


■ Install a wall-mounted magazine



■ Get a small corner étagère to

neatly display bathroom supplies.


Consider a shelf unit – with or without doors – mounted above the toilet, especially when there isn’t enough floor space.

Having all bathroom necessities easily accessible creates a powder room that is beautiful and functional.


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