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Ten Best Front Door colours


Published: 05/12/2012

Your front door sets the impression for your entire house and is a space to let colour speak volumes. The right colour
can make a design statement that is powerful, welcoming and gorgeous, and turn heads for all the right reasons, according to Bev Bell creative director for Home Hardware’s Beauti-Tone Paint Division.


Selecting the perfect shade is key. Outdoors, colours look very different and less intense than they do indoors. To compensate, you need to throw caution to the wind and go bold! Choose saturated hues that are darker than the colours you would have envisioned for your front door.


Take colour samples outside to see how different lighting will affect the colour. View the colour sample on the door over the course of a day, from first thing in the morning to late at night.


The top ten front door colours

These are the colour names Beauti-Tone uses
in its paint range.


1.  Loving It. A red that commands attention.

2.  Earthenware. A friendly, earthy colour that beckons you in and helps you feel grounded.

3.  Wet Sands. Your home will look like a million bucks and your neighbours will be wondering why they didn’t think of it.

4. Green Conifer Hills. The secret to this classic dark green is that it is infused with black; it’s rich, deep and sublime.

5.  French Navy Blue.  This colour commands respect -- a door colour that says ‘sophisticated success’.

6.  Direct Line. When purple is perfect, it is downright majestic.

7.  Hidden Mountain. This shade of aubergine is a fashion statement, true haute hue.

8.  Quinte. A deep rich burgundy that’s as robust as a fine French wine.

9.  Gitano. A new contemporary espresso shade that’s a blend between black and brown.

10. Grey Eyeshadow. Not too warm, not too cold, a grey in perfect balance.


Additional tips

To ensure you come home to a place that looks just the way you always dreamed, marry that perfect front door colour
with your home using these two simple tips.


• If you have an aluminum storm door, make sure it stops weather, not traffic. Make a strong colour statement by painting the storm door to match entry doors. That way, they won’t grab all the attention.

•  Don’t let your garage door take top billing over your front door. If painted the same colour, your eye is drawn to the larger block of colour, the garage. Instead, try painting the garage door in a similar colour to the surrounding exterior
wall for a more cohesive look.  


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