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The Reno File


Published: 12/02/2013

by Mark Noonan

With larger projects like kitchens, bathrooms or basements, you need to team up with a contractor who has a solid partner network. 


Partners come in all shapes and sizes. We get married to them. We go into business with them. We work with them and we find them in our leisure life. The reason we partner up is simple: partners make us better and more diverse, and they offer unique resources.


As consumers, we have experienced the benefits of dealing with professionals who in turn work in partnerships. Many doctors, for example, work in partnership as part of a health care group. As a result, we have access to tremendous expertise at one clinic, which couldn’t be offered to us by a single practitioner.


How does this relate to your home? These same considerations should be a part of your decision-making process when hiring a professional renovator.


While there are many excellent independent contractors, the solutions they are capable of offering are limited to their personal resources and time. Most significant renovations require many resources and work hours to carry them through to conclusion. If your contractor does not have an infrastructure to properly handle the project demands, then your renovation may take much longer than necessary.


Independent contractors have a special place in the market, but when it comes to larger projects like kitchens, bathrooms or basements, you should team up with a contractor who has a solid partner network.


You want a contractor who has specific partners for any sub-trade needs. This may be an electrician who only touches a small portion of the project, but who has a well-established relationship with your contractor to ensure perfect, guaranteed results.


Product suppliers are another form of partnership that a contractor must have. If your contractor buys from a retail supplier – one that you also can purchase from – then there is no cost saving on products. However, when your contractor can buy direct from a manufacturer or distributor at wholesale prices, you can get better-quality products at a reduced cost.


What do contractors with good partnerships mean to you? They’ll offer better value, more efficient progress on your project, better long-term support and more options for creating a perfect renovation. 

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