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Top 10 tips to survive cold and flu Season


Published: 10/26/2015

by Marcus Johnson

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Cold and flu season can be stressful for parents and kids alike. These top ten tips will help ensure you survive the dreaded season.

1. Up the humidity levels –Research shows that maintaining humidity levels between 40 and 60 percent reduces the survival of flu viruses in the air. The Vicks Sweet Dreams Cool Mist Humidifier helps provide comfort by releasing soothing Vicks vapour and projects three different dream inspired images.

2. Take vitamin C – Taking vitamin C can help boost the immune system and keep colds to a shortened time frame.

3. Stay hydrated – Drinking plenty of fluids like water and tea can help flush out the cold/flu infections in the body.

4. Watch for a fever – Catching a fever early will help provide comfort. The Braun ThermoScan Ear Thermometer provides accurate readings, is easy to use and is appropriate for all ages.

5. Stock up on tissues – Keep tissues on hand at work, at home and on the go as they are a sanitary way to get rid of your germs.

6. Gargle with salt water – To help a sore throat, gargle with warm water and salt. This will provide temporary relief and help prevent further infection.

7. Remove the germs – Use an air purifier like the Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover Air Purifier to keep the air in your home clean. Using an air purifier filters out microscopic allergens and germs.

8. Wash your hands – Washing your hands often with soap for 15 seconds (especially after sneezing or blowing your nose) can help prevent the spread of germs.

9. Keep warm – Throw on your favourite woolly socks, wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy a bowl of soup to keep warm.

10. Take it easy – Rest is the best remedy to fight a cold or flu. If you need to, take a sick day from work. Not only will your body be happy but your co-workers will thank you too.

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