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Try out a tapestry


Published: 06/25/2012

by Kimmberly Capone

Wall decor adds the finishing touch to any room. Without it, walls don’t look complete and rooms appear unfinished.

Not only are wall accessories a major component of the overall design of a space, they also are something you look

at every day, so they should be something you won’t tire of easily. There are many options when choosing

wall decor. One idea to consider is tapestry wall hangings. Tapestries have been woven for centuries by diverse cultures.

They add a sense of history to your decor. Today’s superior quality tapestries are made in Belgium, France and Italy, generally

by old and established weavers.

Most are reproductions of originals that are in museums. Nowadays, very few tapestries are woven by hand; most are made on

machines. Tapestry wall hangings have many benefits. Smaller and medium-size tapestries are composed mostly of cotton, with some viscose to add sheen. Wool and cotton blends give greater depth, fullness and richness to larger tapestries. This means they are lightweight and easily transported or stored away as a keepsake.


Tapestries are multipurpose; they canbe used as a table topper, throw or area rug in low-traffic spots. They provide a

design solution for large interior spaces or high two-storey layouts. Also, a tapestry is an excellent conversation piece because

of the history connected with it.

Before you buy, here are some tips to consider:

■ There may be creases on a tapestry

when you purchase it. These can be removed by carefully pressing it on the back side with a steam iron.

■ Tapestries are woven individually on

a loom and part of their character is that there may be irregularities in the weave, or they may have hanging undulations.

Do not expect them to be precisely square and flat like a framed print.

■ There are two ways to hang a tapestry.

The most common is to hang it from a metal or wood rod on brackets that protrude from the

wall. Another less common method, although very interesting, is to mount it with brass

tacks, edging them along the border of the tapestry. It’s a great design solution for an angled wall.


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