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Wall Colors and Lighting


Published: 09/11/2014

by Jumie O.

My name is Jumie O. and I am a head and heart real estate salesperson and founder of a full service property management firm based in Ontario. We are phenomenal at "one thing" which is serving our clients with head and heart.

I have been a reader of home digest for quite a few years now and always thought it would be a priviledge to contribute and share some of the tips/did you know/ helpful guidiance we have picked up along the way since 2005.

One of such tips is how Wall Colors and Lightning play are an important and significant role to the emotion, look and story a room evokes when you step into it.

Here is how i approach wall color selections

- Create a color board or scheme using paint chips not pinterest , the reason being the way colors are represented on electronic devices is never an accurate representation of what it will be on the wall.

- Ask yourself what undertone do you like or want for the space ( warm or cool )

- Be Clear on the type of lightning you intend to use in the space ( warm or cool )

- Don't forget "natural light" especially if its a room with windows

- Don't forget the savings benefit of energy efficient selections. ( Utility savings and not having to change bulbs often is always the stylish way to live)

- Bold colors are a personal statement piece, and often take twice the effort to paint over to a neutral tone. So for rental units, i'd suggest rather than ask to paint a bold feature wall or wall paper installation. Find accents and accessaries that have the bold colors you love and use these instead.


Disclaimer  - i am not an interior designer , i just have a love and appreciation for making spaces come alive with simple , minimalistic solutions.

With head and heart


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