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Renovation Disasters - Who’s fault is it anyway?


Published: 05/06/2013

by Mark Noonan

I hear it every day. I want granite and I want custom glass and I want custom cabinetry and I want tile that thrills me and I want lighting through the room from every angle. I want, I want and I want it cheap. Oh and by the way, I’m getting five other quotes so you had better be extra sharp with that cheap price.

 All too often in an effort to get all the bells and whistles at the lowest price possible, homeowners make poor decisions perhaps not intentionally, but systematically. The results can be a disaster that may make a good reality renovation TV episode, but is not good for the homeowner or the contracting business.

 The how-low-will-you-go price game allows too many of the bad contractors to stay in business. A quality contractor can’t do cheap. A quality contractor offers good value, but his ethics and his reputation keep him away from cheap. The bad contractors are desperate; they’ll do cheap and they thrive on cheaper.

 In the end, there are no winners, only losers. Yup, you the homeowner likely got all the bells and whistles you wanted at a low, low price. However, you also likely got a shoddy job, with poor-quality, off-brand products that will start to show wear and tear right away. So sorry, you lose!

 And what of the quality contractor? He lost out on the bid. Loss after loss makes it harder for him to remain in the

business. He loses too! And it’s not just the individual contractor but the renovation industry that loses as well, as the pool of quality contractors starts to shrink.

 Where does that leave us? It leaves our home, our single largest investment, in a state of decline. It leaves the

quality renovation contractors having more trouble to keep going. When your project goes south, look no further than the closest mirror for the one responsible for the final results. Perhaps then, you’ll think of the guy you should have hired.

 It’s not easy to make the right decisions but it’s your responsibility.

 Mark Noonan is the president of Plumbing Mart.

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