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Why today's faucets should be considered jewellery for your home.


Published: 09/18/2012

by Mark Noonan

 It's no wonder we find ourselves looking more favourably at the quality time we get to enjoy right in the comfort of our own home. With the trend toward a more home-focused lifestyle, we have naturally come to have higher expectations from the comforts we indulge in while we escape the pressures outside the door.

Homeowners are often motivated to find design and renovation solutions that provide worry-free comfort for their lifestyle needs. We want our homes to be lavish and inviting for our guests when we're entertaining. We want our families to feel pampered and spoiled while they escape the outside world.

Kitchens and bathrooms account for the most common renovations undertaken -- and for good reason. Both have significant influence on a home's resale value, but more importantly, these rooms are where we spend most of our time at home. The improvements we make to them can allow our lives to be more functional and enjoyable.

Today's product marketplace is a playground of choices and planning a perfect renovation requires a thorough examination of your needs and wants to properly ensure that your investment will provide you with years of enjoyment.

Sometimes a major renovation is not the only answer to the new look we want to create. Sometimes we can create a whole new environment just by targeting some specific deficiencies and replacing them with upgrades and maybe a little facelift to some of the cosmetic surfaces.

One item that can create dramatic style and personality while tying a room together is a new faucet. Installing new faucets in the kitchen or bathroom is a given when doing a complete renovation, but it probably the first place you should start when trying to update the rooms with a few small touches.

For many years the faucet has been a bit of an afterthought -- something installed to get the water to the sink -- but not anymore. New faucets should be considered "jewellery for your home."

Today's faucets are bold and confident as they pull together the style of the tile, cabinetry, countertops and appliances with their revolutionary finishes and wide range of styles. Whether it's classic contemporary or the clean efficient look of Zen, there is a faucet on the market today that can be the design centerpiece of your renovation. It can be the fixture around which the rest of the room will develop its character.

It is not only the design and style of faucets that have exploded over the past five years in North America but perhaps the biggest development is in the extensive array of faucet finishes that are offered and the improved durability that can be expected from them.

Chrome, brass and antique brass, once the mainstays of colour options, are now nothing more than passing thoughts. Today's faucets wear colours like satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, polished copper, brushed chrome, stainless steel or pewter. And the best news is you can purchase these vibrant finishes with the confidence that they will provide a lifetime of guaranteed performance.

Most of the quality faucet manufacturers on the market today have developed function and finish technologies that are truly state-of-the-art applications. The resulting benefit is that they stand behind their products with exceptional warranties -- found on few other products on the market today.

If you do your research well and are prepared to pay a little more up front, you should expect that the faucet you install today will still be performing well 25 years from now.

Another consideration to weigh when making your selection is the ability for the warranty to be satisfied if you ever have to use it. By that I mean the likelihood of getting the part you need when you need it.

Plumbing products are changing rapidly in our fast-paced marketplace and you need to ensure that the lifetime warranty you purchase will be able to be supported throughout your ownership period. I would recommend sticking with companies like Delta, Kohler and Grohe when selecting a faucet that will do it all and do it with style for years of carefree enjoyment.

Next time we will look at some of the exciting benefits new faucets are providing for ever-improving kitchens and baths.


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